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Merino Properties Repairs and Maintenance


This includes:

  • Repairs to the structure, i.e. roof, windows, walls, floors
  • Repairs to the outside of the building, i.e. guttering and drainpipes
  • Repairs needed on plumbing, toilets, basins etc.
  • Repairs on the installations for the supply of electricity, heating, water heating etc.
  • You will have to do minor repairs like changing fuses and unblocking sinks.

How To Get Repairs Done

Unless it is an emergency, you have a right to be given notice of when we or our builders will be visiting. Give us a reasonable amount of time to get the work done. Allow 7 days for non-urgent repairs and 24 hours if there is a risk to health


Deposits are usually taken by the agency to cover any unpaid bills, repairs due to damage/negligence by the tenant, or cleaning necessary after the tenant have left. Tenancy agreement or licence should ideally specify what the deposit is meant to cover.

  • There is no legal maximum deposit, but the amount is normally equivalent of one months’ rent.

Moving In and Inventories

We make sure that one of our officer is there to check the tenant ina and that all the necessary steps are adhered to. Merino checks together with the tenant if everything in the property is okay and if there are any breakage we ensure that it is repaired

Moving Out Checklist 

The tenant contacts us a month before he/she decides he/she will be moving out and we will arrange for him/her to do a final inspection of the property on the day that he/she leave. We ensure that tenant leaves the property clean and tidy.

We return the deposit to the tenant 14 days after the notice, which is a subject to the calculation of any repairs that will need to be done.

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