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At Merino Real Estate, we specialize in offering professional property management services , garbage collection ,letting ,buying and selling property ( both buildings and lands/plots) . We are endowed with a competent task force that has clientele’s best interest at heart.


Property Management

Management of both Commercial and Residential Properties..


Property Development

Development & Renovation of both Land & Buildings for Value Addition


Sale of Land and Plots

Active Buying and Selling of Land/Plots at an Affordable Rate


Merino Investment

Term Investment, Redeemable and Irredeemable Preference Shares


Gabbage Collection

Management and timely Collection of Garbage from both Residencial and Commercial Properties.



Partaking and Completion of Construction Projects through Provision of Resources(Building Materials), Expertise and Labour


Joint Venture

Working Together through the Compilation of Resources with our Partners  in coming up with Sustainable Development Projects.


Housing Co-operative

Owned by Members, it is Geared to provide Timely, Affordable Plots and Housing Solutions to our Clients

Discover Property for Rent or Land/Plots for Sale


Our Mission

To consistently provide remarkable services to our esteemed clients


Our Vision

We envision a vibrant and competitive property management, buying and selling service provider across Kenya propelled by versatility, technology and integrity


Core Values

Professionalism, Moral Intergrity, Honesty, Reliability, Quality, and Respect for Diversity

Do you need to own a piece of Land (Plot), or are you looking for a Property Managing Agent?

Don't look further... Driven by the need to Actualize your Dream of Owning a Piece of Land, Merino Real Estate Phase 6 Affordable (50*100) Plots are now available for sale!!

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