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We believe in growth of the society and bringing the best in the community. Through the construction department we’ve been able to construct at least fifty five single rooms which are affordable for most people. The construction department has been able to provide job opportunities to most young people. Throughout the construction we have been able to have a pool of artisans on board offering employment to them and also benefiting them in terms of job experience. The artisans are able to do various tasks like painting, concrete works etc. We are also having construction of bedsitters ongoing along banana area. We are looking forward to many more constructions.

Merino Real Estate

Merino III Construction Project


Merino property development is essentially a real estate development set up in the year 2017 so as to develop buildings or land into a higher use value. We are able to develop affordable rental houses at any given viable location. Merino property development head office is located in banana Wandui plaza, first floor. We usually identify prime piece of land that can be used to set up a development project, in this case, rental houses and approach the owner of such property or may approach us for partnership. The owners may fail to meet the threshold for securing loans from banks despite having land titles which is a basic requirement, they lack financial statements necessary in showing borrower’s ability to repay loans. The first thing we do after meeting the potential client is visit the piece of land ,take measurements for section intended for leasing, do feasibility study and negotiate for monthly rent depending on location.  The owner submits the tittle to us, to proceed with due diligence to ascertain ownership of the land. After establishing ownership, a lease agreement is drawn, signed by both parties and witnessed by a lawyer. An equivalent of one month’s rent is paid s security deposit, clearance with various national bodies that permit construction is done and the construction work kicks off. We have three successfully completed projects, one still ongoing and others we are intending to work on with time. Our job is to develop quality and innovational property developments that will encourage the society way of living.



To offer quality product and services in the construction industry.


To achieve customer recognition and satisfaction by offering creative and fulfilling results.


  • Customer recognition
  • Creativity
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Passion for growth and results
  • Transparency


  • Offering job opportunities to the unemployed people in the society.
  • Impacting growth and job experience to people in the society.
  • Dealing with construction of products like rent and develop, rent and income and joint venture projects ensuring materials are available for construction
  • Carrying out construction works in accordance with the technology and the legal necessities.
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